Maison Martin Margiela (along with H&M)

MMM 130122Remember down there in sale I was raving about H&M’s collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela? Well today’s outfit is 2/3 from that collection. I’ve got on that savvy deconstructed jacket and the hitched up skirt along with a pair of those J.Crew sale shoes I mentioned earlier too. And yes, I’m fully aware that I don’t match perfectly, but that’s where my lack of concern plays in. I want to know how you guys would pair these pieces though. Comments!


Let’s talk SALE!

I’m not one of those girls who pays full price for much of anything. I just can’t see the point unless it’s something a. that I absolutely cannot live without, and b. is also reasonably priced to begin with. That being said, even though here in Atlanta we’re still awaiting the arrival of winter, the stores have moved on to spring and it’s end of season sale time EVERYWHERE!!! Here are a few, in my opinion, notable stores to check out.
1. Cole Haan-most comfortable shoes ever. And hey a ton of their killer shoes, boots, and bags are as much as 70% off

2. H&M-I’m usually kind of ambiguous toward this mecca of designer knock-offs, but this winter they joined forces with Maison Martin Margiela, and that was a stroke of genius friends. And now all that cool shit is on sale! I’m talking $15-20 for items that were originally marked $129-199. Do yourself a favor and go pick up one of their deconstructed jackets. You’ll thank me later

3. Ann Taylor-yeah I know it’s kind of boring, but a good basic is often the key to any truly fantastic outfit. From what I hear it’s 60% off today.

4. Zara-another God send to the fashion forward with a limited budget. They have some great blazers and blouses now marked down significantly. I scored a black tuxedo and jacket and sequined, yes sequined all over, silk tuxedo jacket for a whopping $100! My advice? Go to Zara, and go now.

5. J.Crew/Madewell-love their clothes, but since Jenna Lyon’s took over, the quality, and therefore the price point, have increased significantly. However, they do offer a pretty killer sale. Right now in stores it’s 50% of the lowest marked price…hence my new collection of shoes from there. (see “Vices”) The last I heard our beloved Madewell, the slightly less expensive but still equally awesome little sister of J.Crew, is offering 40% off their marked down prices.

6. Gap-some of my favorite t-shirts…soft, long enough for those of us who are not of average height, bliss. Pretty sure the super sale is still happening and you can pick up a bag of fun for 40% off the sale price. Chances are this rule, or one similar to it, applies to Banana Republic too since generally what’s good for one seems to be good for the other.

7. Neiman Marcus-yep, that Neiman Marcus…the land of beautiful, wearable art. Remember they teamed up with Target at Christmas? All that stuff flew off the shelves after they marked it down to 75% off the original price. However, if you’re still pining away for one of those Marc Jacobs leather pouches or a Rodarte party dress, wander on over to Neiman’s where you’ll find a full supply of all that they offered at Target marked down to 75% off. Besides, who doesn’t need a faux fur vest?

Anyone else know of any great sales at the moment???


Winter 2012 Season Favorites

ImageYes the sort that are characterized by James Dean leaning against his slick car wielding a cigarette in that cool off handed way he practically branded. And well, no actually, not that sort at all. I love a glass of wine as much as the next girl, but my real vice? Shoes! With more pairs than I’d really care to mention, I really do have a problem. However, I can’t think of a better way to up the ante on any given outfit. Give me cut off jean shorts, rolled up Gap chinos, or a sequin encrusted skirt. Each is in and of itself quite sartorial on its own, but when paired with some fantastic shoes, you’ve got a game changer of an outfit. This ladies, is the BEST way to update what may feel like an otherwise lack luster get up. I’ve seen some incredible shoes this season in all price ranges. Plus, head to the stores now for some killer end of season sales. I’ve snagged a pair of gold glitter pumps from Madewell and some neon orange patent leather pumps with satin toes from J. Crew to name a few. Let me tell you, while conceptually they may seem ridiculous, in practice those gold pumps made my Uniqlo jeans and Bailey 44 striped t-shirt look infinitely more amazing than I had ever imagined. Granted, I want the Isabel Marant sneakers that are so ugly they’re awesome, but I’m not shelling out for the real ones just yet, and while the Target knock-offs look pretty damn good, they just didn’t quite make my feet happy in the fit department.

Below are some links to a few fun items to add to your wardrobe, although I’d wait on those J. Crew sequin shoes to go on sale. I’ve also added some pictures of a few of my favorite shoes this season. What do you guys think?