The Comeback Kid

Or in this case, the comeback sneaker. Now that $600+ hidden wedge sneakers are all the rage, my wallet and vanity have directed me back to the way of Vans. Mind you, I’m wholly aware that even Vans now have a price tag of $300+, but not if you, like me, rather enjoy kicking it old school. I’m talking back when Tony Hawk was still cool before all that shit came out with him cheating on his wife and all. Not cool Tony, not cool. The classic checkered Vans however are pretty rad. And what’s spring anyway without graphic black and white prints?? I kick around in these bad boys wearing everything from pouffy dresses to cut-off jorts, and even skinny jeans (ahem Uniqlo makes the best). I seriously doubt Tony Hawk is going to make an epic comeback (at least he’s not in the doghouse like that douche Lance), but the sneakers stand a chance. How do you style your kicks??IMG_1695


Spring Layers

Spring is coming…I swear. In fact, I’m fairly certain it has already come, yet days like today lead one to wonder. That’s a bit of an elusive sentence eh? Wonder what you may ask? A lot of things actually, but I digress.

Today it’s a chilly 64 degrees out, overcast, and a bit windy. For the record, I firmly believe that a good meteorologist ought to include a portion of his/her forecast dedicated to what sort of attire is appropriate for the day. For example, on a brisk windy day, for girls like me who have a proclivity toward wearing pouffy skirts and dresses it would be nice to know before I leave my house and my aforementioned skirt blows over my head that perhaps it wasn’t a great option for that specific day in the first place.

At any rate, today I’ve layered up in a comfy black knit dress with one of those sort of weird, billowy, mullet hemlines. Over that I’m sporting an unusually dainty cardigan that also has a sort of bizarre hemline and the front is crocheted-sort of a throwback to my hippie days in high school I guess. Anyway, over that I decided a dose of denim always makes everything better and threw on a denim jacket I’ve owned literally for at least ten years. Then I capped it off with an incredibly classic trench coat. Finishing touches? Absurdly tall wedge heels-orange strappy with a snake print linen wedge that I’m pretty sure I bought at TJ Maxx around the same time I got the jean jacket. Then I have on this ridiculous, huge necklace from Anthropologie (similar to the one in the picture below) Antrho Big Necklaceand a gold cuff a la Stella & Dot. Total outfit cost…I’d guess it’s easily under $250, and nearly half of that is the bracelet, which is $98 but I got for only $50.

Pictures? Eh, that would be worth more than the above 1000 words I know. I’ll see what I can work it for you 🙂

Maison Martin Margiela (along with H&M)

MMM 130122Remember down there in sale I was raving about H&M’s collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela? Well today’s outfit is 2/3 from that collection. I’ve got on that savvy deconstructed jacket and the hitched up skirt along with a pair of those J.Crew sale shoes I mentioned earlier too. And yes, I’m fully aware that I don’t match perfectly, but that’s where my lack of concern plays in. I want to know how you guys would pair these pieces though. Comments!


Winter 2012 Season Favorites

ImageYes the sort that are characterized by James Dean leaning against his slick car wielding a cigarette in that cool off handed way he practically branded. And well, no actually, not that sort at all. I love a glass of wine as much as the next girl, but my real vice? Shoes! With more pairs than I’d really care to mention, I really do have a problem. However, I can’t think of a better way to up the ante on any given outfit. Give me cut off jean shorts, rolled up Gap chinos, or a sequin encrusted skirt. Each is in and of itself quite sartorial on its own, but when paired with some fantastic shoes, you’ve got a game changer of an outfit. This ladies, is the BEST way to update what may feel like an otherwise lack luster get up. I’ve seen some incredible shoes this season in all price ranges. Plus, head to the stores now for some killer end of season sales. I’ve snagged a pair of gold glitter pumps from Madewell and some neon orange patent leather pumps with satin toes from J. Crew to name a few. Let me tell you, while conceptually they may seem ridiculous, in practice those gold pumps made my Uniqlo jeans and Bailey 44 striped t-shirt look infinitely more amazing than I had ever imagined. Granted, I want the Isabel Marant sneakers that are so ugly they’re awesome, but I’m not shelling out for the real ones just yet, and while the Target knock-offs look pretty damn good, they just didn’t quite make my feet happy in the fit department.

Below are some links to a few fun items to add to your wardrobe, although I’d wait on those J. Crew sequin shoes to go on sale. I’ve also added some pictures of a few of my favorite shoes this season. What do you guys think?